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    Community Relations at Riverwalk Casino Hotel

Requests And Donations

We are conscientious community supporters and are willing to be part of worthy causes.

If you’d like to submit a request for a donation, please send to Riverwalk Casino & Hotel.

Requests for donations should be submitted in writing.


Riverwalk Casino front entrance of hotel in Vicksburg, MS

Grant Application

2023 Season of Giving

    Is the Organization a 501(c)(3) in good standing

    *Only not-for-profit organizations in good standing are eligible for a Season of Giving grant. Please attach the IRS Determination Letter and/or Certificate of Good Standing to this application.

    Is the Organization a previous recipient of a Season of Giving grant?

    *If yes, please provide details on when the grant was received.

    Required disclosure: Does the Organization’s governing board or any employee of the Organization have any relatives that work at Riverwalk Casino Hotel or Churchill Downs Incorporated?

    *If yes, please provide details on the relationship(s).

    NOTE: If the Organization is selected to receive a Season of Giving grant, the Organization acknowledges and agrees that the grant funds may be applied to Riverwalk’s sponsorship of any event held by the Organization within the first 6 months of the year following the year in which the Organization receives a Season of Giving grant, at Riverwalk’s option.

    Applications open for the 2023 Season of Giving on August 31, 2023.

    All applications must be received by Riverwalk no later than October 31, 2023.