Super 6 Saturdays


Grand Prize starts at $10,000 CASH! $1,000 CASH will be added to the Super 6 Progressive Grand Prize amount each hour there are no Grand Prize winners.

  • Visit any promotional kiosk starting at 10am.
  • Pick your 6 lucky numbers.
  • Print your voucher.
  • A set of 6 numbers will be drawn each hour.
  • Match 2 or more numbers in a set and YOU WIN!
    • Match 2 – Win $2 BonusPLAY!
    • Match 3 – Win $3 BonusPLAY!
    • Match 4 – Win $40 BonusPLAY!
    • Match 5 – Win $50 BonusPLAY!
    • Match 6 – Win Your Share of the Progressive Grand Prize!


Player Rewards members receive one free pick on each promotion date.

Single Diamond members receive two free picks each promotion date.

Double Diamond members receive three free picks each promotion date.

Triple Diamond members receive four free picks each promotion date.

Super 6 Saturday Promotion at Riverwalk Casino Hotel